A Secret Weapon For list of The Boondocks episodes

He incorporates a two-stage strategy for beating them, which goes like this — Stage 1: He finds, defrosts, and attempts to regulate the genetically Increased warlord Khan Noonien Singh. Move two: He builds a extremely, truly massive ship.

The WSJ ran a piece about subscribers dropping their subs immediately after their preferred shows wrap for your season. Not a shareholder in CBS but I do Possess a direct curiosity.

It turned out that Section 31 experienced an agreement with the Klingons about a cure for this virus, and which the Organization's Doctor Phlox was required to look for a heal. Complying with orders from Harris, Reed relapsed into his previous Area 31 methods and tampered with the Business in order to provide the kidnapped Phlox additional time to find a remedy.

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There’s a tonne taking place right here with each plot and characters, while there’s a slightly issue below for me in that I really don’t truly feel the stakes for the reason that y’know, Mirror Universe. It’s a fun place to go to but I wouldn’t wanna commit also extensive there. The truth that they still will need to deliver the decloaking algorithm is speculated to lend urgency for their plight but right now it’s not likely Functioning as the menace – continuing war with the Klingons - is abstract and unseen and practically a universe away.

He commented on a possible second season: “They have my variety and whenever they require me I'll Totally be there for them.”

Certainly ROFL with the criteria remark. I feel the challenge with you, Vulcan Soul, is that you create such as you want “us” to believe that all conservatives are racist and proud of it.

In February 1965, the final Edition of "The Cage" was sent at NBC and screened in Ny city. NBC officials preferred the initial pilot. Desilu's Herb Solow says that NBC was get more info amazed by how realistic it seemed, Which it was "probably the most amazing point we have ever noticed." The reason the pilot was rejected was as it was believed that it will appeal to only a small viewers, and so they preferred a lot more motion and experience.

Who They're (apart from the ones with the black badges) and whatever they are just after is any one's guess, Nevertheless they'll undoubtedly do what Portion 31 does most effective and ramp up the drama as well as moral uncertainty. Star Trek: Discovery

, we find out that a Terrible virus is influencing the Founders, the shape-shifting rulers of your Dominion. Constable Odo is one of these, but his ties to your crew of DS9

. They have carried out it in certain episodes up to now, but this is a real journey for your establishment in itself."

, and we uncovered in the episode "Divergence" that It can be basically a Element of the original Starfleet constitution — Short article 14, Section 31. The addition towards the charter allows for extreme measures being taken in occasions of extreme risk.

In JJ Abrams's 2009 movie, a completely new timeline is created following the Romulan ship Narada travels back in time and destroys the USS Kelvin, offering the timeline its Formal canon title from the Kelvin timeline.

"There was the cleanliness of holding our series impartial from the films," Fuller described. "This way we don't have to track something [occurring inside the movie universe] and they haven't got to track what we're performing."

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